Why Howtodev.xyz?

I read a book. “Occupation: Programmer” Maciej Aniserowicz. He wrote:

One of most important language in programming is?

ENGLISH! – tadaaaa

And thats it.

But to be more specific. He wrote also that You have to practice it. When You learning programming learn english to. Write everything You learned, do some notes, write a blog, share Your work, use gitHub, talk with others dev. So I decided to write a blog in english.  To practice, to develop my skills in it and to write notes not only for me but for people who wants to learn programming.

My course will be very difficult and it will be long – about 7 months. I hope after every lesson I will write some notes here. But You should know one thing. I can’t write what I had stricte on course. SDA forbids to share his materials and this is understandable. But I will write my thougths, my problems my examples. I think this will be additional exercise for me.

Stay tuned and learn!