Books / Tutorials

Those are books which I read or I`m still reading. List of it is random.


  1. Algorytmy. Wydanie IV – Robert Sedgewick, Kevin Wayne
  2. Java. Podstawy. Wydanie X – Cay S. Horstmann
  3. Java. Techniki zaawansowane. Cay. S Horstmann
  4. English 4 IT. Praktyczny kurs języka angielskiego dla specjalistów IT i nie tylko – Beata Błaszczyk

And thats it! This books are difficult! Believe me! I think for now it only need to.


Tutorials – which a got from SDAcademy where I will have my course:

    1. HTML
    2. Java
    3. SQL

Apps which I use:

  • – this is my secret for notes, for remember everything, to manage life, manage project etc. If You didn`t use it – You should.
  • Slack
  • iTerm
  • Intellij
  • Solo Learn (android app for learn programming language)
  • this list is not closed I will fill it up during progress