About me

Hi! My name is Bart.

I decided to be developer.

My proficiency is graphic design. I have master`s degree in Computer Science of Lodz University of Technology. Specialization Computer Graphic and Multimedia and Computer Science Engineer of AHE in Lodz.

In november I started 8 months Java Basic Course with SDA Academy. I want to be Junior Java Developer with an emphasis on solutions for Android. I want to combine my skills in the ui and java range to create a mobile application.

I want to change my work! My career is not satisfying for me. This is my fault so thats why a decided to learn Java on course SDA. For many years I worked for small company where I was doing everything:

  • graphic design
  • prints
  • web design
  • logos
  • marketing
  • newsletters
  • organizations events etc.

You can download my CV here: http://abramovvicz.com/pdf/BartoszAbramowicz-cv.pdf

You can check my portfolio here: http://abramovvicz.com

So You see I was doing a lot of stuff. As You know some smart guy said – (do not know how to say in english but I try)

If there is something to everything, it is good for nothing

I was fired one year ago. I`v tried to find new job. And after a lot of interviews I have always heard – You have too less experience. I don`t have corpo experience etc. I didn`t work in Scrum, Ageale etc. This is very short version about my job story. I think some day I will write book for people not to make the same mistake.

After few months I got the job. But I`am doing same thing with many additional responsibilites like project managament on construction site. I don`t like it and I have to change it! Becouse I know this is the same road that I had. I will change this I promise for myself!

My skills:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Ligthroom, Html, Css, AS*, WordPress, Woocommerce/Presta, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Crazyegg, Hotjar, Asana, Mailchimp, Invision, Trello.

English (TELC Certificate)
speak – B1
writing / reading – B2 I guess? You tell me! 😉

I`am from Poland and I`m 36. I have son and wife. I am bicycles and books lover, minimalist and vegeterian.

*action script – during studies and after I was very interested in this technology. I know Flash from the times Macromedia existed (sic)! I developed some web and design game.